Sunday, September 11, 2011

thirteen hours of step ladders, blue tape & paint.

About two weeks ago, Blake and I had this genius idea to paint all of the rooms (we wanted changed) in our house in one day.  Yep … one day.  And, 13 hours later, our project was a success.  This was an adventure to say the very least.  J

On a whim, we picked out our paint colors which is not like us at all.  Usually, when we make big decisions, they are very well thought out and discussed until we are blue in the face.  Blake typically has an opinion when it comes to all things house due to his career in architecture.  I’m not going to lie, he is truly better at this sort of thing. I love working on the house, talking about ideas we have, implementing them and then seeing the end result. It is a team effort and a fun one at that!   However, I genuinely trust his instincts over mine and tend to lean in his direction if he has a gut feeling.  This is why I was shocked and a bit nervous when he asked me to pick out the paint colors, Eek!  Luckily, my mom has a passion for painting and seriously paints the majority of most weekends which has taught me a thing or two.  I knew anything in the grey color family would work well with our home and décor as Blake and I both like shades of grey.  I decided on a light grey (Sherwin-Williams "Greyish") for the kitchen/dining room, living room and hallway.  I also decided on an ashy light purple (Sherwin-Williams "Veiled Violet”) for the guest room/Meredith’s “girly room.”   We left the bedroom a dark slate grey and Blake had it color matched for the bathroom.  The utility room was left as is, but we plan to paint it a funky blue.  We will also paint the office/Blake’s “man cave” once we decide on a color or wallpaper.  

When we got started with the painting, Blake and I were both up beat, excited and anxious to see the end result.  I was thrilled to see that Blake really liked my color choices and I didn’t pick something incredibly dark or far too light.  My precious mom was oh so proud.  Here is a picture of her cute self in action. I learned from the best! You will notice her walls are grey as well.

13 hours after going up and down step ladders, taping all the edges and moving our equipment/tools from one room to another we were absolutely exhausted, yet, proud of all we had accomplished in one day. Team work, indeed. 

The colors made it very “us.”  It was almost as if the house was transformed from someone else’s house to our home in a matter of hours.  

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