Thursday, June 28, 2012

quinoa mac n' cheese.

I'm not going to lie... this takes nothing like the gooey, fatty, classic mac and cheese. However, it's a great substitute when you are craving that home-style cooking and want a healthier alternative.   

Olive oil or cooking spray (I shared examples of both in the pictures above)
1 1/2 cups quinoa, cooked (instructions for cooking quinoa are on the box--feel free to send me questions!)
A few grinds of garlic salt
2 large eggs
1 cup soy milk (or milk of choice)
1 1/2 cups grated non-fat cheddar cheese (or cheese of choice)
Feel free to add veggies, more cheese, etc to you liking

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Coat 13x9 inch dish with cooking spray or olive oil
Whisk together eggs and milk in a large bowl
Heat up your quinoa in the microwave if it's not already slightly warm 
Fold in quinoa and cheese (into the bowl with the eggs and milk)
Add a few grinds/shakes of garlic salt
Feel free to add in chopped veggies, additional cheese, additional seasoning, etc here
Bake 35 minutes (or until browned around edges)

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Picture source here.

As many of you may know, I am a YouTube junkie and adore watching tutorials and videos (makeup, hair, fashion, workout, etc.) I have featured YouTube channels on our blog in the past (see a previous post here.)  I still adore all of the gurus I mentioned previously, however, I have a new favorite channel- MMandLShow!!  Many of you will recognize Michelle Money from the Bachelor/Bachelor Pad.  This channel is two best friends, Michelle and Laura, sharing their tips and tricks surrounding beauty, fashion, diet, etc.   

Here are a few of my favorite videos from the MMandLShow:

Not only have I learned so much from their makeup, hair, and fashion videos, but I have also really gotten into their diet and recipe videos.  Below are pictures to share some of our new favorite snacks and meals, thanks to Laura and Michelle!  My apologies in advance as these are not the most artistic photos (taken via blackberry.)

The picture above shows the ingredients Blake and I used to make the MMandL 100 Calorie Cocktail. The girls used Ciroc vodka and we used Dripping Springs Texas Vodka. I would imagine any regular vodka will do as long as you have the correct orange juice and the Pinnacle Whipped.

This is the tuna recipe MMandL suggested.  This is very filling, healthy, tasty, and will last you for a few meals.

Blake and I also made Laura's Healthy Veggie Dip and loved it!  I now make a batch of this every Sunday to keep on hand to avoid splurges and unhealthy snacking.  A great substitute! 

Honestly, I think one of my favorite things about their channel is the sense of humor.  The dynamic between Laura and Michelle reminds me a lot of my friend, Jaime, and I.  Great minds think alike :)

Check out this fabulous YouTube channel here.) You won't regret it, I promise.

Keep up the great work MMandL.  I'm hooked! 

may favorites 2012.

♥ Anastasia Beverly Hills-Perfect Brow Pencil in Brunette: Both this brow pencil and the one below are wonderful for filling in your eyebrows.  I prefer the Brow Wiz, however, it runs out much quicker since it's the twist up version (as opposed to the pencil you sharpen.)  Either way, you will be a happy camper.

♥  Anastasia Beverly Hills- Brow Wiz in Brunette

♥ Aquage- Beyond Shine: My sister, Natalie, told me about this hair product years ago.  I loved it, somehow forgot about it, and have returned to it again.  It provides shine but doesn't make your hair look greasy.  Love!

♥ Bumble and Bumble- Spray De Mode Hairspray: This is the ultimate hairspray if you prefer hold without the "crunch" factor.  I use this for soft curls or any hair style that doesn't need long-term strength.  

♥ Urban Decay- Oil Control Makeup Setting Spray: This product is fantastic for those hot summer months (especially in Texas!)  After you have finished applying your makeup, spritz your face with this oil-control makeup setting spray to avoid fading throughout the day.  This isn't necessarily an every day product but works great for nights out and special events.  I highly recommend this setting spray (as well as the Urban Decay "All Nighter") for Brides on their special day. 

♥ Dior- Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup in #21:  When Blake and I went on our cruise in April, both of us got a decent amount of sun.  I didn't wear makeup during the day but would get ready in the evenings before dinner.  For the most part, I only wear mineral powder as foundation these days.  However, I have really dramatic freckle patches that come out in the summer (no matter how much sunscreen I wear.)  Naturally, due to my change in skin color and crazy sun patches, my makeup wasn't matching.  I went to the cosmetic store on board the ship and was color matched. The makeup artist recommended this product based on my skin type.  I wasn't going to be picky since there were limited options and I'm so thankful I listened to her suggestion.  This product is also not an every day item for me but is fantastic for weekend nights and events.  It dries quickly, which I prefer in a foundation.  Diorskin Nude provides light coverage (yet, buildable).  According to Sephora's website this foundation is, "clinically proven to improve skin quality +27% after 4 weeks."  It also claims that this product "blends 100% natural mineral pigments with Dior's exclusive, active mineralized water to deliver flawless, glowing skin that actually improves over time."  I haven't determined if all of these claims hold true quite yet but I certainly do not disagree at this point or have any complaints.  Give it a try if you are in the market for a new foundation.  

♥ Maybelline New York- The Falsies Volume Express in Black Drama: This mascara has a spoon style brush that fans your lashes from corner to corner.  After applying, my lashes definitely look longer, fuller, separated, and more bold.  I haven't had any issues with this lasting for long periods of time and love the extreme black pigmentation.  

♥ Laura Mercier-Mineral Powder in Real Sand: This is what I have been using for my every day "foundation."  It's a finely milled mineral powder that makes your skin look flawless.  According to Sephora, Laura Mercier's mineral powder, "helps clear the skin of toxins, promotes healthy skin cell  growth, and fights the aging process."  It is oil-free and water resistant which also comes in handy throughout the hot summer months.  You can really build coverage with this product as I no longer have a need to use my concealer for imperfections.  Overall, my goal is to wear light makeup but maintain a more natural look and this powder achieves just that.  It definitely doesn't contain shimmer or sparkles, however, it provides a "lit from within" appearance.  

♥ MAC-Lustre Lipstick in See Sheer AB1:  This picture doesn't do the lipstick justice.  The true color is more  of a "coral, orangy, light red."  It's far more natural than it appears on camera and is wearable in the office.  See Sheer is easy to apply, long wearing, and mute enough for a daytime look.  

♥ Smashbox- Photo Finish Light:  I picked up this sample size of the primer in Sephora a few weeks ago and have fallen in love with this product.  This is a water-based, light weight primer.  Any primer or foundation that is water-based is a winner in my book.  This is ideal for sensitive, acne-prone skin.  Photo Finish Light provides a matte finish that holds your makeup all day long.  I wear this primer any time I'm wearing makeup.  

That concludes my May Favorites for 2012.  I hope this information was helpful!  Please let me know if you have any questions about anything included above.  Have a wonderful day :)