Friday, December 28, 2012

december 2012.

Goodness--where do I begin?  This past month has been incredible and I hate knowing the holidays are almost over. Blake and I have been bouncing around Houston, Austin, and San Antonio to visit with our families.  I'll do my best to summarize the festivities :)

Banksy's twin ornament!

Blake loves the street artist Dual so we went to check out a gallery featuring his work.  

Meet Enzo, my cousin's adorable kitty!!!

Just a few of my favorites on our tree. 


Banksy's mouse, Templeton. They have a love/hate relationship.

My fav guys.

Leo wasn't feeling Santa this year.

 Some special ornaments passed down to us by Blake's parents.  

Oh hi, handsome :)

Blake and I before my company's Christmas party.


One of many pictures we took at the company shindig.  Good times, good times.. 

Blake gave me these as part of my Christmas present.  He knows me sooo well.  I couldn't love anything more. Now I just need to figure out a cool way to hang those arrows. 

Another Xmas gift from Blake--have been eyeing this Twisted Silver necklace for awhile. 

Our little bookends.

We saw Santa cruisin on our way to San Antonio.  Too cute!

Mommy, please take me with you!

This vintage Santa has been at my grandparent's house for ages. He's my favorite.  

My mom with my second cousin.  Adorable. She looks like a little kid on Christmas. 

These two pictures are fairly blurry but I just had to post them. I love my grandparents so much. 

Blake was nervous during the fantasy football playoffs but, in the end, he won!!  

Since Blake's birthday is on Christmas, the two of us celebrated a few nights before in downtown Austin. Prior to checking into our hotel, we went on a walk around town lake and fed the ducks.  Both of us have such wonderful memories and miss town lake so much. 

The W Hotel  did not disappoint. 

Before heading to my parent's house to start our family Christmas, we stopped by Mellow Johnny's & Juan Pelota Cafe.

I know I have shared Skippy (above) before on the blog. I cannot help it--he has to make an appearance every year around the holidays. Below is our Skippy-Look-Alike on our tree in Houston.  He's pretty dang cute but he's no Skippy!

My parents casa!

My Dad wears the Santa hat every year when "playing Santa" (i.e. passing out gifts.)

Welcome to the family Chris!

Blake and Amy's shared birthday celebration! 

Amy made this ridiculously awesome birthday cake with an oil rig.  So cute and thoughtful! 

Two more blurred pictures but couldn't help but post as they are so sweet.

Georgia is now obsessed with her Barbie cruise ship :) Talk about a great gift for a little girl!

Annual cookie making tradition.

Christmas kitten. 

 Our tree in Houston.

 I hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Cheers to 2013!!!