Technically we met about 10 years ago since we both went to the same high school. We were always acquaintances and had many mutual friends throughout these years.  In early 2009 we began to reconnect online through the ever-so-popular Facebook. At first we were simply catching up. Catching up led to many lengthy phone calls.  Many lengthy phone calls then led to us meeting face to face for our first date! Needless to say, we locked eyes that night (in the same exact spot where we got engaged) and have never left each other's side.  We were a couple since our first date and couldn't have it any other way. 

All of these photos were taken by The Nichols (husband and wife photography team-absolutely incredible people from a business standpoint and outside of business as well.) Check them out at http://www.jnicholsphoto.com/ or their blog at http://thenicholsblog.com/

Additional Vendors:
Florist- Petal Pushers
Dress- St. Pucchi
Hair/Veil Accessories- Etsy
Shoes- Jessica Simpson
Bridesmaids’ Dresses- Bari Jay
Classic Car- Austin Classic Limo

Some additional links to see more from our wedding day: