Monday, December 26, 2011

christmas 2011.

Andddd we are off!! Blake and I are headed to Austin for the holidays to be with our family.

These are the special carolers my mom grew up with in her childhood home.  She cherishes them so much.

My little sister, Natalie, gave my mom and I sock monkey...socks! Cutecity.

Every year my dad plays "Santa" and hands out all of the gifts. He has always loved this tradition and is so cute while giving out each one.

Mom cooking up her next appetizer in the kitchen.  How adorable is she?

My mom taught my sister to knit this Christmas!  Natalie did a darn good job too! 

Amy (or "Maymee") & Georgia

My handsome hubby on his birthday (yep yep! his birthday is Christmas) with the holiday pup, Brody!

The girls in our holiday PJ's that Jennie gave everyone! I love this picture. 

Georgia, Holly, & Carter! Such a precious family.

Georgia got the milk and cookies ready for Santa...and then decided to eat them :) Here she is caught in the act!

Ack! This picture is blurry but I had to post it anyway.  The expressions on Sonny and Georgia's faces are absolutely priceless.  Here they go down the stairs to see what Santa brought for everyone!

Georgia running to her presents.

Stylin' Georgia :) 

Such a perfect candid picture of the family enjoying Christmas morning.

This is one of the gifts Blake and I got for Georgia.  She looks SO stinkin' cute in her jacket!

Below is a very special little elf, Skippy.  Skippy was on my mom's family tree growing up and was also passed down to our family when I was a baby. Since then my mom and I have had quite a dual over Skippy, where he sits on the tree, who gets to place him there, etc.  As you can see by his torn hat, this elf has had a lot of love over the years and will continue to going forward.

 It's hard to believe 2012 is almost here. Merry Christmas, happy holidays, & happy new year!!!