Saturday, June 2, 2012


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As many of you may know, I am a YouTube junkie and adore watching tutorials and videos (makeup, hair, fashion, workout, etc.) I have featured YouTube channels on our blog in the past (see a previous post here.)  I still adore all of the gurus I mentioned previously, however, I have a new favorite channel- MMandLShow!!  Many of you will recognize Michelle Money from the Bachelor/Bachelor Pad.  This channel is two best friends, Michelle and Laura, sharing their tips and tricks surrounding beauty, fashion, diet, etc.   

Here are a few of my favorite videos from the MMandLShow:

Not only have I learned so much from their makeup, hair, and fashion videos, but I have also really gotten into their diet and recipe videos.  Below are pictures to share some of our new favorite snacks and meals, thanks to Laura and Michelle!  My apologies in advance as these are not the most artistic photos (taken via blackberry.)

The picture above shows the ingredients Blake and I used to make the MMandL 100 Calorie Cocktail. The girls used Ciroc vodka and we used Dripping Springs Texas Vodka. I would imagine any regular vodka will do as long as you have the correct orange juice and the Pinnacle Whipped.

This is the tuna recipe MMandL suggested.  This is very filling, healthy, tasty, and will last you for a few meals.

Blake and I also made Laura's Healthy Veggie Dip and loved it!  I now make a batch of this every Sunday to keep on hand to avoid splurges and unhealthy snacking.  A great substitute! 

Honestly, I think one of my favorite things about their channel is the sense of humor.  The dynamic between Laura and Michelle reminds me a lot of my friend, Jaime, and I.  Great minds think alike :)

Check out this fabulous YouTube channel here.) You won't regret it, I promise.

Keep up the great work MMandL.  I'm hooked! 

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