Sunday, May 27, 2012

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the lift & waxing poetic.

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon the Lift. It is a cute little bookstore/gift shop right in the heart of the Heights shopping area on 19th street in Houston. One thing that caught my eye was the jewelry in the front case.  I spoke with the store owner, Rhonda, who helped me understand more about this special jewelry line.  Waxing Poetic is keepsake jewelry all the way from Bali that Rhonda features in her store.  Rhonda herself was wearing two separate necklaces from Waxing Poetic.  One of the necklaces was shorter and the other much longer; both including family initials, pendants, chains, and meaningful sayings.  The overall look she had created was so eye-catching, vintage, yet classic all rolled into one. When I saw all of the unique charm, chain, and pendant options I was hooked!

This is what my sister and I put together for our mom. As you can see, it includes both of our initials.  She loved it! 

The last two pictures below are from the Lift's website.  This is the adorable Rhonda Rhodes in her wonderful shop!

"The Lift is a small bookstore, gift shop, and jewelry boutique on historic West 19th Street in the Heights area of Houston. I hope its new bestselling books at a discount, Waxing Poetic jewelry, whimsical gifts, and other good things will give you a lift. So come on in, relax, and browse a bit." - Rhonda Rhodes

713-868-LIFT (5438)

Twitter: @Waxing_Poetic