Monday, October 3, 2011

tone it up.

Today was a very exciting day.  I purchased the Tone It Up Diet Plan and Fat Burning System and I cannot express how thrilled I am about this decision.  Yes, I know what you are thinking--just another fad diet. This plan was put together by Katrina Hodgson and Karena Dawn whom are both certified personal trainers and nutrition coaches.  As it describes in the plan, "this diet is not a 'no carb' diet; it is not a 'no fat' diet and you will fill your plates with food.  It's the timing and combination of food that is our trick to toning up!" "Eat like an athlete and fill your body real food."  All in all, this plan is a lifestyle. It's not about counting calories, 100 calorie snacks or anything along those lines.  For years I have had the worst eating habits and consume the foods of a thirteen year old. It's not healthy and I'm ready to make a real change. 

Talk about a support system! Within minutes of tweeting about this decision and logging into the TIU online community, I had tons of messages cheering me on and sending me words of motivation. 

The first time I heard about Tone It Up was through Tenley Molzahn (you might know her from the Bachelor.)  I follow her on Twitter and she always had such interesting tweets about her experience with Tone It Up, recipes, work outs, and things of that nature.  From this point on I started searching for additional Tone It Up members to see what was working for this particular community.  What was it that had everyone hooked?  

About two weeks ago I came across Bridget's blog (you can check her out here.) Bridget is beyond motivating and inspiring! If you haven't heard her story, I strongly encourage you to visit her blog (and her previous blog which can be found here.) Other than my husband, she was the first person to respond this morning about my decision to join the TIU team.  She is such a genuine, kind-hearted person! I remember reading another TIU member's blog and they referenced "WWBD" (i.e. What Would Bridget Do.)  Whenever this member struggled with working out or eating healthy she would think to herself "What Would Bridget Do" to encourage her to make the right choices about her lifestyle. It's genius! I already plan to use this tactic going forward as she is the ultimate role model  for this plan. Bridget, thank you for everything.

Blake has decided to give this a whirl with me which will help tremendously as I love the idea of us doing this as a team.  Before we can get into the toning, we are encouraged to try the 7 Day Slim Down.  Motivated as ever, I headed over to Central Market after work today to pick up the groceries we needed to get started with the 7 Day Slim Down.  This will certainly be a challenge but we are both excited to get started.  I plan to post about this journey along the way. Stay tuned for TIU updates from both Blake and I. 

If you have any questions about anything pictured or the Tone It Up plan in general, please feel free to send me a message!  We hope to post in the future about our meals, recipes, work outs, etc.

You can learn more about Tone It Up by clicking on this link.

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