Monday, October 24, 2011

ones & twos.

Over the past two weeks, Blake and I celebrated birthdays for two very special little girls.  The first was for Emma, our second cousin, who was turning 1. The second was for Georgia, our niece, who was turning 2. Emma had a hungry caterpillar theme while Georgia had a lady bug theme.  Both sets of parents went all out with the incredible decorations and food. You will notice a lot of similarities in the pictures below :)

Emma's Birthday Party:

Georgia's Birthday Party: 

Both Emma and Georgia were thirsty lil chicklets! 

Both Emma and Georgia were partied OUT! Can you blame them after all this fun!?!? 


Sunday Loft said...

I love these babies so much. Great photos Meredith!

Melu103 said...

those girls are adorable
and the parties my god
their moms took it to the next
level ... love the deco!

you look gorgeous on the pics love!

happy tuesday