Sunday, October 30, 2011

halloween 2011.

Last night we celebrated "adult Halloween."  I love how our generation has taken the holiday to a new level and it seems to be more about the adults than the kids these days.  I'm sure when Blake and I have children we will want it to be all about them. But, until then, we will keep doing it this way :)

This picture of Blake and Trey cracks me up!  All three of us did repeat costumes.  Blake was a zombie, Trey was a Reno 911 cop, and I was a girly version of a football player.  

My co-worker and friend, Tara, had an amazing Halloween party! The decorations were incredible.

Blake and I did a little bit of party hopping and headed over to another friend's house.  It was a great night to say the least!

Halloween is my favorite holiday (tied with Christmas.) I love hearing about what people dressed up as or seeing the pictures.  What did you do for "adult Halloween?" Did you dress up? What are you doing on the actual holiday?  

Both Blake and I are incredibly excited for Monday night because this is the first time we will have trick-or-treaters!!  Our big bowl of candy is ready to go! We are even thinking about buying a few big candy bars to award to the top costumes.  Boy won't we be upset if we just have one or two kidos stop by ha! This might be one of our favorite reasons we live in a house.  

Happy Halloween!!!


Gentri said...

Fun!! Your costumes look great! :) I need to figure out what I'm doing tomorrow. :/ I don't think we'll get many trick or treaters. They all trunk or treat now. Lame.

You should link up to my Halloween party!!

Sunday Loft said...

Looks like fun. Have a blast tonight!

Melu103 said...

hi doll!
looks like you had so much fun!

love the costumes