Thursday, May 30, 2013

instagram/youtube spotlight: amandaf10/collegemakeupgirl

Meet Amanda!  Amanda is another one of my favorite people to follow via YouTube & Instagram who was oh so sweet to answer our interview questions! I have been a YouTube subscriber of her for ages as her videos never disappoint!  She loves beauty products, cats, and spending time in the pool so she’s pretty fabulous in my book!

Favorite Starbucks beverage? I'm not a huge Starbucks person. I'm not addicted to coffee haha.
Favorite drugstore cosmetic product (brands and items?) So many to list but I will say my favorite brand would probably be Rimmel or Revlon. 
Favorite high end cosmetics (brands and items?) I love Tarte and Nars.
Favorite foundations? Right now I am loving the Revlon Nearly Naked foundation. It's light but still gives great coverage. 
Favorite mascaras? I'm not super picky when it comes to mascara, I find they all kind of perform the same for me honestly. But I would say one I always seem to go back to is L’Oreal’s Telescopic. 

Favorite face wash? I swear by the whole Clean and Clear line. I love everything they have. It's totally saved my skin.
Favorite blushes? I am hooked on Tarte's blush in Natural Beauty. It's a strawberry red color and it totally livens up your whole face. It's gorgeous. Perfect for summer.
Favorite lipstick, chap stick, gloss, etc? I love the NYX and the Essence Stay with Me glosses. I literally love all the colors.
Favorite makeup primer? Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer is my holy grail. It's expensive but an amazing primer. It really is worth all the hype.
Favorite hair products? Styling tools? I curl my hair almost every day. I haven't worn my hair straight that much since high school. I find it just looks better and healthier curly. So I love clipless curling irons. I find they give me the perfect waves.

Favorite websites? Youtubers? Blogs, etc My favorite YouTuber would have to be MissJenFabulous. Whenever I see her in my sub box she's the first I click on. 

Career goals? I plan to finish school and hopefully break into the PR makeup industry. Top beauty tips? Less is not always more. :)
What does a typical day look like for you? Weekends? I work and have school during the week. And on the weekends I usually just like to hang out with friends and relax. 

Favorite movies/tv shows? Right now I just got hooked on Scandal. I caught up on the first two seasons in about a week. It's so addicting. I can't wait for it to come back. 

Favorite alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage? Well since I am 21, I usually order a cranberry and vodka. And for non-alcoholic I usually just go with tea or water.
Biggest weakness/challenge? I hate confrontation. I'm not the girl to confront someone she hears talking about her. I think it goes back to my childhood and being bullied. I'd rather just ignore the problem and hope it goes away which isn't always the best option. It's something I have always had trouble with and something I'm working on.
Favorite quote? "Lying in the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off" Marilyn Monroe 

If you could live anywhere? California! 

Guilty pleasure? Chocolate Chip Cookies
What does a perfect day look like to you? Anything involving a bathing suit and pool, oh and a margarita please :)
Favorite animal? Pets? I'm a huge cat person. That's probably pretty obvious if you follow my instagram! :)

Thanks so much, Amanda, for taking the time to answer my questions!! It means a great deal to me.

You can check out her YouTube channel and Instagram here:

Enjoy! J

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