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instagram/youtube/blogger spotlight: ashleybellaxo

Goodness. Where do I start?  I have been a huge fan of Ashley’s for a few years now.  She was one of the very first people I found on YouTube when I got into the whole online beauty community.  Ashley was of particular interest to me as she works for Sephora and who knows beauty products better than someone who works for Sephora? J  I mentioned her in a previous post about my favorite “YouTubers” here. My favorite thing about Ashley is her personality.  If you watch any of her YT videos you will see what I’m referring to.  She is incredibly down to earth, hilarious, sarcastic, and seems like someone you have just known for years….just, real!   These days she is focusing more on her blog which I also love! Another thing I adore – she always takes the time to respond to my questions/comments on Twitter, Instagram, etc.  There are a lot of beauty gurus who don’t and I have so much respect and admiration for those who do.  Keep doing what you are doing girl! You have taught me oh so much.  Now, onto the questions J

What is your favorite gym routine? - I hate going to the gym lol I like having the whole thing to myself so I can do whatever I want. I cancelled my 24 hour a while ago and use my apartment gym since there is no one ever there! I usually warm up with cardio then do some weights and jump back to cardio and do intervals.

How often do you work out? - not as much as I should! I get hardcore for a few weeks then I take a week or so off. It's a bad habit, I just need to stick with it.

Favorite places to shop? - I love a bargain! Most of my clothes are from Marshalls and TJ MAXX. I also love Forever21, Target and H&M !

Favorite Starbucks beverage? Depends on the weather. If it is cold and snowy I ordered a Soy Vanilla Chai mmmm. If it's nice out then I usually get an iced green tea latte or a passion tea!

Favorite drugstore cosmetic product (brands and items?) I LOVE MASCARA!! I'm pretty sure I have tried everyone! I really like Maybelline products too! I always have had good luck with that brand!

Favorite high end cosmetics (brands and items?)-  Well this is hard since I work at Sephora :) As an all-around brand I would say Smashbox and NARS are my "go to" brands. They have products for everyone and great options! I have always been obsessed with the Smashbox HD Foundation. It looks amazing in pictures and in real life too! Never heavy! NARS blushes are wonderful and they have new eyeliners that are great!

Favorite foundations? I have a love hate with foundation cuz I am so oily, nothing stays on me. Nothing! BUT, I do love the Smashbox HD, Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, and Givenchy Photo Perfexion!

Favorite mascaras? YSL Babydoll is my new go to! Sephora Outragous mascara, Dior Iconic Overcurl, Urban Decay Supercurl and Urban Decay Big Fatty are faves too!

Favorite moisturizer? Fresh Youth Preserve!! Amaze-balls! And Philosophy Take A Deep Breath

Favorite eye cream? Fresh Lotus Eye Gel!!

Favorite face wash? Fresh Soy Face Cleanser .... I love Fresh lol

Favorite blushes? Nars Sin! Tarte Blissful and Stila Coral are my go tos!

Favorite lipstick, chapstick, gloss, etc? I love MAC but they are so drying! I love Hue and Creme Cup!

Favorite makeup primer? Algenist Pore Primer and Smashbox Light Primer

Favorite powders? Maybelline Dream Matte is what I use now. Sephora use to make a pressed mineral which I use now too but it is almost gone and it makes me sad :(

Favorite meals/snacks/bars/protein powders/supplements? I really like the muscle milk product since they are lactose free

Favorite hair products? Styling tools? Kendi Oil by Alterna! Heat protectants are my secrets and I use Olive Oil and honey mask on my hair once a week!

Favorite websites? Youtubers? Blogs, etc Pinterest! Instagram, Facebook

Favorite books? I loved the 50 shades books haha

Career goals? Something in fashion/ beauty/ design. Anything I can be creative and not sit all day would be great!

Top beauty tips? Heat protectants and make sure own hair/skin treatments!

Favorite music/bands? I love country music and dance music! Luke Bryan, Carrie, Miranda, Blake, Zac Brown etc. And I love Krewella, Eminem, Avril Lavigne!

What does a typical day look like for you? Weekends? Since I work retail I never usually have the same day. Typically I wake up, work out (maybe), get ready for work, work 8-9 hours, come home, wash my face and hang out with my hubby! Other days I hang out with friends, go shopping, lunch, dinner, drinks or go out at night!  Now that it is wedding season I do a lot of freelancing! Lots of wedding makeup on the weekends.

Favorite movies/tv shows? Disney movies! Hunger Games, Twilight Series, Horton Hears A Who lol. For TV- The Voice, Duck Dynasty, Project Runway, Reruns of Friends, etc.

Favorite alcoholic beverage? WINE! and vodka cranberry’s, vodka redbull

Biggest weakness/challenge? myself. I am my own worst enemy

Favorite quote? I don’t really have one

What are you most proud of? My marriage and my wonderful husband I am so proud of!

Future aspirations? To have a family, travel, have a nice home and to be stable

Favorite vacation spots? The only vaca I have ever had was in Destin Florida. Sad but true. So I pick there!

If you could live anywhere? SEATTLE with a beach house in FL

Do you prefer to work out in the morning, afternoon, or evening?  100% mornings!
What do you do if you are lacking energy/motivation and still need to get a workout in? Just put on my workout clothes and drinks a prework drink

Guilty pleasure? FOOD! PIZZA, CHIPS!!

What does a perfect day look like to you? Doing something fun with my husband or friends and just relaxing!

Something you want the readers to know about you? I am very sarcastic :) and I have a blog!

Favorite animal? Pets? I love my puppies! I have 2 dogs. Patriot is a Lab mix and he is kinda old haha. Marlee is a border/husky mix.... we think!

Thank you so much, Ashley.  I appreciate the time you took for the interview and all that you do. 

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