Sunday, September 25, 2011

what's in my bag?

♥ The purse is from Elaine Turner and it was a gift from my sweet cousin.

♥ Wallet also from Elaine Turner

♥ Claritin Liqui-gels (I take these way too often as I have severe allergy/sinus problems)

♥ BlackBerry Torch smart phone

♥ Banana Republic (primarily for work) & Ray Ban (more for home/weekends since they are a bit more "trendy") reading glasses

♥ Nordstrom BP. sunglasses

♥ Majority of the lip products (& the eyeliner) shown can be seen here on a previous post. Also pictured: Baby Lips by Maybelline & Becker Vineyards Lavender Lip Balm.

♥ Sunglasses case from Ann Taylor-Loft.

♥ Day planner from Target

♥ Assortment of keys and pink skull lanyard (I got this ages ago and cannot recall where I purchased it from-so sorry!) 

♥ Pink USB flash drive from Office Depot

What items do you carry in your handbag?  Have a great day!


Jen said...

Too fun! Take a look:

This was for a contest and the rules said we had to show everything (except the "personal" girl stuff). Hence all the miscellaneous trash :)

Rachel said...

You have a lovely bag - very jealous!

lowercase letters said...

aw! you are so cute. and you carry alot of stuff. haha. i just recently starting hauling around (all mini's) toothbrush, toothpaste, hairspray and brush. i just KNOW those will turn out to be life savers one day. ;)
adorable blog!

alicia said...

that is one gorgeous bag!! xo