Sunday, September 11, 2011

when one door closes, another opens.

Throughout the home buying process it never crossed my mind that Blake and I would miss our apartment.  Both of us were so excited to get settled into our new home and be done with the move.

All of a sudden I felt really emotional, looking back on our life over the past year at this complex.  It was our first “home” as newlyweds, our kitties bonded there, and the list goes on and on.  For us it was the perfect place to rent since it was right in the heart of Houston, had a great view of downtown, close to our gym, near both of our jobs, and just an overall fun place to live.  There was an adorable courtyard that we could look down upon from our front door. Within the courtyard were Christmas lights strung from tree to tree, a fireplace that constantly burned throughout the winter, restaurants, a bistro, a frozen yogurt shop, clothing stores, etc.  Regardless of all these perks, it didn’t take long for the other side of the coin to set in. 

Now we can paint the walls any color we want, play the music loud, have friends over without having to worry about neighbors, make an investment towards our future together, and upgrade at any time without needing permission.  Like most people, we both despise moving.  The thought of not having to do that for a long time makes us very happy!  Our home is not the same as our neighbors and completely unique to our style.  Most of all, owning a house provides such a strong feeling of security, stability, and family.  When one door closes, another opens..

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