Tuesday, September 13, 2011

mismatchy bracelets.

I'm in love with the mismatched, layered bracelet look.  The picture of my wrist (above) will give you a feel for the style I'm referring to. I guess I'm not alone since this is a huge trend right now!  Due to the rapid increase in interest, you can find these online for a ridiculous amount of money.  I have seen them go for $200.00! Don't be fooled as you can buy these for $5.00 a pop. I will admit, a few of these were purchased at Nordstrom-- tisk tisk, Meredith.  Nordstrom is one of my absolute favorite stores, however, not worth the cost for these little things.

Where do you purchase your bracelets? What styles do you like to mix?  Feel free to send me pictures of your favorite layered looks! I would love to see.

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