Sunday, September 25, 2011

blake's favorite chairs.

There is something with architects and chairs. I can't explain it, and it is not just the interest in objects that fill the structures that we design. A chair is something so simple, each of us probably use one every day, and most of us more than likely sit in for an extended amount of time. When the deserved attention and creativity is given to it's design, a chair can become timeless. Although I could generate a list of chairs to fill the Dead Sea scrolls, I have narrowed it down to my short list of must haves. If I could only put them all in one room and have Paul Rudd over, my life would be complete!

1. Chair No. 14, Michael Thonet (1859)

2. Barcelona Chair, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, (1929)

3. Dowel Leg Chair, Charles Eames (1948)

4. Womb Chair, Eero Saarinen (1948)

5. Wishbone Chair, Hans Wegner (1949)

Bertoia Side Chair, Harry Bertoia (1952)

7. Lounge Chair, Charles and Ray Eames (1956)

8. Favela Chair, Fernando and Humbert Campana (1991)

9. Lounge Chair, Markus Jehs and Jurgen Laub (2006)
Also, check out A Century of Chairs.

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Stefany said...

These are all great!! xx