Sunday, September 11, 2011

a league of our own.

Being a fanatic of professional football, I look forward to few things more than my fantasy football league draft. Not just because of the football, it means much more than that. The approaching fantasy football season signals the nearing of fall, smack talking with old friends, and of course the gathering of said friends and family to watch the 17+ week s of games. I am not going to lie; I really like the competitive* aspect of it as well. This is why I normally prepare for the draft with weeks of studying trades, training camp news, player tweets, and piles of analysis. With the purchase of our house, the bathroom remodel, and a very busy time at work, there was no time for my usual scope of preparation. I pretty much winged it this year, but let’s just get on to the draft.

The most fun part about our league is that we have a live draft. We have 10 people that consist of my wife, sister, and seven great friends. All of us get together for a night of trash talking, cocktails, and drafting our teams. Our friends and recent brave additions to the league, Richard and Traci, hosted us this year. The only member not in attendance was my sister Amy, but thankfully technology pulled through and she was able to join us via Google video chat.

Other fun fantasy football facts:
-My sister has won the "horse's ass" trophy two years in a row. This is given to the last place team.
-After 7 seasons I have a winning record over every team, but have somehow never won the championship.
-Tom Brady is my mancrush, but we keep it strictly professional.

*Last year on our honeymoon, Mere and I were actually playing each other. I sadly have to report, and will never forget, that the Killer Kittens beat me that week. I stand by my excuse that the victory was my wedding gift to her.

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