Tuesday, September 20, 2011

holy grail cosmetics part II.

When I wrote my first post about holy grail cosmetics (see it here) I completely forgot to mention my favorite lipsticks and eyeliner.  I'm assuming these slipped my mind since they are always in my purse and not in my daily makeup bag.  Oops! Considering these are always in my purse they definitely deserve some recognition and "holy grail status."  The last h.g. post did include an eyeliner, however, it was my liquid liner for my upper lashes and eyelid (as opposed to my liner for the water line.)

I decided to share two different photos of the lip products since they come across as completely different colors depending on the lighting.  

From left to right: Sephora-Maniac, YSL-Sheer Candy Succulent Pomegranate, MAC-Fresh Brew (absolute favorite lip product,) & Revlon-Kiss Me Coral # 750 (read about this one here.)

Alba Botanica-Coconut Cream Lip Balm (purchased this one at HEB.)
Maybelline-Master Drama by Eye Studio in Midnight Master (so black, creamy and long lasting--go buy this now!)

Happy Tuesday :)


Gotta Love It. said...

LOVE all of these lip colors!!!



Tine said...

super mooie lipsticks!

Denise Pacurar said...

Hey hun! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! I'm following you!

xoxo Denise


PS: I love the shades of lipstick! I rarely wear blod lipstick colors but see a lot of bloggers wearing them now. Perhaps I will try it out :)

Victoria'sProcrastinationProject said...

Mac Fresh Brew looks awesome - like something you can wear all the time. Might have to give it a try!