Sunday, August 21, 2011

project bathroom: part 1

I am a man of efficiency. I calculate everything out in my head in advance to the point that it will drive Mere bonkers in some instances. Thankfully, she has come to expect it and accept it at times. If I can somehow save two steps, one plastic bottle, configuring the dishwasher so basically our whole kitchen can fit inside of it…I will find a way. This is why I feel a bit guilty with my first project as a homeowner. The house we purchased had a nice bathroom. It had been remodeled recently with perfectly good fixtures and tile, but I had to think about it. Since our house was built in 1950, it has only one bathroom. This got the wheels turning with some influence from my career. Although the bathroom is perfectly fine as is, it is definitely not our style. Knowing that we would want to change it in the future, we better get it done now or we would be without a bathroom at some point. With this thought, I put my normal thought process aside and started swinging my demo club. It felt good, really good, at least for the first day. Since I was doing the demo all by myself, the work did get a bit messy and of course took longer than I originally thought. Currently, the bathroom is just the shell of its former self. I have completed the demo and it is waiting to be rebuilt. We will be putting in a new cabinet (stone slab counter with an undermount sink), new hex floor tile, new subway wall tile for the tub, new paint, new trim, and all new finishes. The pictures below show the original and current state of the bathroom. Hopefully I will be posting some progress pictures soon, as our move in date is rapidly approaching!



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Jennie said...

I can't wait to see the "After". The suspense is killing me!