Sunday, March 30, 2014

two week hitch.

As a bunch of you probably already knew, I returned recently from being out in the field for two weeks to watch a well get drilled from start to finish.  During my time in residential architecture at DKA, walking my projects and getting see the actual construction work was one of my favorite things.  It is no different for me in the oilfield.  There is just something about doing everything behind the scene, and then being able to witness the progress in person.  This is just so rewarding to me.
In advance, I was aware of how hard it would be to leave my wife and home for two weeks....especially during Valentine's Day.  This was my choice though, it was something that I really needed to do for education.  With the separation, the 15+ hour work days, and the complete lack of personal time, I still enjoyed it.  I'm not saying that I will be signing up for field work now, but this was an experience I will remember for some time.  My time in Knox City, TX was filled with kind, patient, and good people that were more than willing to answer any question I could think of.  When everyone else is away from the home life, you become your own family.  There is such a strong comradery in the field.  Coming from a metro area of 5.6 million people to a one stop sign town of  1,151 was a refreshing change of pace.  There is no Starbucks to go to, there is no worrying about which restaurant to eat at, there isn't even any traffic, I didn't even have to stress out about making it to the non existent gym!.  Meredith laughed at me, because I was freaking out on our drive back from the airport when I returned.  It wasn't until then that I realized I had experienced absolutely no traffic for two weeks.
I am lucky to work for a company that gives me the opportunity to further my education, whether it be in the classroom, or out in the field.  I am even more lucky to have a wife and kitty-kids that I missed dearly while being away.  At the end of two weeks, it was sure nice to get home.  Until the next trip, here are some pictures from the field.

 The derrick of a top drive triple rig in Snyder, TX
 My home for two weeks.
At night, lucky the weather was perfect.

Drill pipe racked in the derrick
Casing on the rack, this well is about 5,400' deep.
Drill pipe joints racked in the derrick
Right after the conductor pipe was cut off.   

 Parts of a electronic submersible pump (ESP) being fished on another well.
Can't get rusty, so I always try to don a SCBA while visiting rigs.
 Pump jack boneyard in Knox City.

 Made a side trip to deliver some 1000 days safe jackets to another rig crew.

 Flowlines in Goldsmith, TX

Happy Valentine's Day from the field.

Cats can instantly recognize a sucker.  Met this dude.


Cynthia said...

Thank you for sharing your amazing experience.

Amy in Austin said...

Such great pictures. Love your little kitty friend!