Sunday, March 2, 2014

a very belated vacation post.

Before I can say anything I must apologize for my lack of posts!  To be completely honest, there is no rhyme or reason other than I got out of my blog "groove." But, I'm back baby and ready to get posting! 

 Blake and I were thinking back as to when we started slacking and it seems it started right before this trip.  Therefore, it only seems appropriate that we start here.  While we are on slacking, I should also mention we slacked in the camera department as well (I know! What is wrong with us!?!)  In other words, these pictures might be a tad more fuzzy than our usual as they came from our phones.  It was comical because we kept wanting to take all these pictures of things we had exact pictures of from the former year.  I realize to some it seems pointless to go on a vacation so similar to one in the past. We simply loved it that much.

We went on another Celebrity cruise this past November which was essentially a replica of our previous vacation in April of 2012 (just on the Celebrity Reflection instead of the Eclipse--same destinations.)  Although cruises have gotten somewhat of a bad reputation over the past year or so, we still love them!  I'll admit that some are absolutely better than others and it depends a great deal on the cruise line. But, nonetheless, we are still fans of the love boat!  

Blake and I visited San Juan, Puerto Rico, Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas, and Philipsburg, St Maarten. As I often mention with travel posts, warning: this will be picture heavy! 

The Jetson's elevators! Love these so much!

A big thank you to Blake's parents, Jennie and Sonny, for the incredibly sweet arrival gesture!

All dolled up for din din.  

The Hideaway was an improvement that we did not have on the Eclipse.  Although we did most of our reading by the pool and inside the spa, this little nook was pretty adorable and just our style.  

St Maarten!

A little friend we met along the way.  Gosh he was so sweet.

This was one of the most ridiculously amazing places to fall asleep while cuddled up with each other and our books.

Such a unique and fun dining experience at Qsine! 

Typical. He just couldn't help it.

St Thomas!

San Juan! This time we got to Castillo San Felipe del Morro just in time to take a tour.  Blake was smitten. 

I'm fairly certain this little hole in the wall bar was Blake's highlight from our trip in 2012 so we absolutely had to go back.  It was just as we remembered it and oh so fun!  Cheers to La Taberna Lupulo! Something tells me that will not be our last time inside this hidden gem :)

Now THIS was our #1 favorite place on this ship this time around.  The combination of the aroma therapy in the air, the heated chairs, and the view of the ocean was incredible.  Every time we went to the gym we would go here right after to relax, read, and even nap.  It was like pulling teeth to get us to leave and go on with our day.  Heaven. 

We miss you Celebrity!  Until next time!

On another note, Blake, I cannot thank you enough for the Valentine's post.  That was unexpected and wonderful on so many levels.  The word love simply doesn't seem strong enough to sum up what I feel for you.


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