Monday, September 3, 2012

tara & richard.

Our dear friends, Tara and Richard, left this past weekend for their three year adventure to Saudi Arabia. We met up with them on their final night in the United States and cherished every minute of it.  Aren't they adorable?  Both of them have taught us so much and became such fantastic friends. 

Check out their currency! A lot more colorful and vibrant than the US bills.

Tara and Richard have two kitties-- Noel & Whispurr.  I feel terrible because I always joked that Noel was "my favorite."  Guess who didn't get a clear picture of Whispurr for the blog? Yep, that would be me. 

Even though it's blurry, I'm still adding it, dangit. She is too cute not to share! Look at her adorable face!

Here's the lovely Noel.  Is she not one of the cutest kitties you have ever seen? She makes me want a white kitty with a little pink nose SO badly!

This is one of my favorite parts of their house. 

Another blurred yet "must have" picture for this post.  We took this one at night after the final items were added to the car.  Here they are in front of their house for the last time (for now, of course!)  Fear not, Houston. We will get these cuties back before we know it. 

Tara and Richard, we started to miss you terribly the second you drove away from our house.  Know we are going to be thinking about you guys nonstop and cannot wait until we get to hang out again.  Best wishes and all our love!

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