Wednesday, August 29, 2012

fantasy football draft 2012.

The Gingerman Gridiron Gang had yet another successful fantasy football draft day filled with yummy food, beer, note taking, and smack talking. As you can see, Banksy decided to partake as well :)

Amy made these incredible beer and pretzel cupcakes!

Cuties! Hank and Amy (Deine Mutter, "Your Mom")

Blake's (Funky Homosapiens) custom team shirt!

Dan (Toilet Snorkels,) Chidi (Golden Weasels,) and Mike (The Flaming Flamers) getting ready before the draft started. I just realized I didn't get a picture of Eric (The Pators) :( Sorry Tyner!

Jbird (Semoist and 10--don't ask ha!) and Richard (Ridin Qwerty) in the zone.

Banksy and Trey (Krazy Eyez Killa.) Ya know, just the men hanging out.

I got so carried away with taking pictures of everyone else and forgot to ask someone to take one of Blake and I (Killer Kittens.)  Amy was kind enough to send us this picture :) Thanks, Ames!

Here's to another great season!! Rawrrr Killer Kittens!

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