Monday, September 3, 2012

holly, carter, & lil g.

Holly, Carter, and Georgia came to Houston to stay with us this past weekend.  The five of us had an absolute blast spending time at our house, in the backyard on the swing, eating out at restaurants, and most importantly, the Texas State vs U of H football game!!  Blake went to U of H while Holly, Carter, and I all went to Texas State.  Therefore, this was quite a game for all of us.

Aunt B came to play too!  It was so nice to have all of them together at our house.  Here is Georgia enjoying her time on the swing.  We have been keeping it in our tree just for her.  

Awww! Love this picture of Carter and Georgia all snuggled up in our guest room. Notice the Texas State cheerleader outfit :) Georgia is ready to go to the game!  SO cute!

Sibling rivalry! 

Talk about a stadium view. 

Blake and Holly.  I love this picture of them.  Texas State ended up winning the game and Blake was quite the trooper with all of these TSU fans! 

Hehehe--Georgia's scrunched little nose is so cute here.  Even when making silly faces, she is beyond precious.  

The epitome of youth.  I'll save this one forever.  

We love you guys so much and cannot wait for you to visit again. xoxo


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