Tuesday, May 5, 2015

europe trip 2014, day 6

Day number two in Heaven…I mean Murren, Switzerland. Life is rough waking up to an amazing view of Alps. Go downstairs…eat a breakfast with Nutella on everything. How were we ever going to leave this place? Oh ya, we have this excursion to Jungfrau that promised of even more incredible views. So, off to ride a couple of trains on our way up to 11,300 feet. I have to say, and I know part of this is due to our poor luck with the weather, but we were disappointed. There were some attractions that felt way too touristy, and the fog blocked out all views. So, after spending hours to get there and back, it felt like one big waste of time. We could have been exploring Murren. Oh well, not everything works out perfectly all of the time. 

We arrived back in Murren in the afternoon, and were on a mission to find some cows. It didn’t take us long, as a group of three were grazing right off of the main road. We were a bit timid at first, as one of the cows didn’t seem to take a liking to me. After a while, I think it just wanted me to feed it. They turned into puddy in our hands. We crossed off one of our must dos, and that was to feed cows in the Alps. This was a great opportunity for pictures too, as this pasture overlooked the valley below. While we had been preoccupied with the cows, it seemed as large amount of people had been walking down a path right by us. Turns out, this was a well-known base jumping spot. We followed the trail and found a cliff that made me almost wet my pants. There are two jumping points, and it turns out the more dangerous had just claimed a life several days before our arrival. It didn’t seem to faze any of the jumpers that day, but why would it? We talked with some and watched their jumps. It was pretty fascinating to see them flirt with death and their love for the adrenaline rush.

Ready, Steady, Spaghetti. 

With how awesome our previous night was, we decided to repeat it. We went to the Eiger Guesthouse pub/restaurant, and had a beer while they made our pizza to go. It was another picture perfect night to watch the sunset on our balcony over drinks and pizza. The only negative was thinking about our departure the next day.

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