Friday, May 1, 2015

europe trip 2014, day 3

It’s an early rise and shine to make our train to Interlaken. We only had time to drink some coffee in our room and grab some breakfast to take with us from a kiosk in the rail station. Again, we absolutely loved the Swiss transportation system. Everything was easy to find, clean, and on time. The train ride took us through some more beautiful countryside with picturesque mountains, lakes, and towns. I did all that I could to not blink.

Instant hotel coffee is only meh.

Once in Interlaken, our hotel was not a far walk from the station. Hotel Beau Rivage was quite a sight. In 1865, this 212 room hotel was built right at the base of the Harder Kulm. Seeing the Aare River, the Harder Kulm, and paragliders hanging in the sky above us, it was easy to fall in love with the place. We went ahead and checked in, and took a stroll around town. We also had a mission to find Mere a hair straightener…but I won’t even get into that (short summary, we paid 50 Euro for a damn straightener to use for a week...great, I have now probably gotten myself in trouble again for bringing this up). Anyways, there were really no highlights until we went out for dinner.  Since our only requirements were reasonable prices and a good beer selection, we did perfect. Just a couple of blocks off the main street, there is a place called Husi Bierhaus and we highly recommend it. The service was friendly, the atmosphere was cozy, the beer was well priced, and the food was good. I know this is lame, but we liked it so much, we went both of our nights in Interlaken. Anyone that knows us, would not be surprised. Did I mention, I had my first Schnitzel here?! To be exact, I had my first and second Schnitzel here, it was freaking delicious. After dinner, we went to Restaurant Chalet for a couple of drinks before calling it a night. 

 Our hotel room view was awesome!

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