Sunday, November 25, 2012

turkey day 2012.

Happy Thanksgiving 2012 to all! Our first stop was in New Braunfels at my Aunt and Uncle's house.

Mom & Dad. 

I dont know WHY this picture makes Nat & Chris look all silver!  Sorry guys--must have been the lighting from the window behind you! I tried messing with it and no such luck. Still an adorable picture, nonetheless.   

 Ron & Carolyn's backyard is gorgeous. 

Awww! Daddy Billy & Blake watching the game.

Doesn't get much cuter than this. 

Everyone filling up their plates.  How cute are the girlies at the table? Dylan being the great big sis that she is, helping Vera with her cup.  Iris is the doll to the far right.   

 Dad, Chris, and Nat right before Turkey Day lunch! 

He doesn't love babies or anything :)  Dad with Vera.

Mmmmm! Calories don't count at this meal!

Nat, Daddy Billy, and I during lunch.  

Next stop, Austin! Time for Round II with Blake's side of the family.

Jennie and Sonny.

Georgia, Carter, & Holly. 

Amy & Hank.

Beautiful table all ready for the festivities.  

Lil G's seat at the table.

The day after Thanksgiving I got to spend some time with Jaime and Ava at lunch. 

I love her!

Before we left Austin to head back to Houston, we stopped for lunch at my parent's house.

Mom & I =Twinkies!

I hope all of you had the best Turkey Day with your loved ones.  Onto Christmas we go! :)

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