Sunday, November 4, 2012

happy halloween 2012.

Happy belated Halloween!!!  October is one of my absolute favorite months.   There's just something about the change in weather, football season, and the Halloween decorations that puts me in the best mood!  Blake and I wanted to share a few pictures from our October festivities this year.  The first few are not the best quality as they were taken at my office with camera phones and what not.  Still fun pictures, nonetheless!  

The zombie gals :)

Yeah, you could say Carlos has a pretty amazing costume. I swear I will have nightmares about this lovely little mask.  Well done, sir.  Well done.

We mean business.

 The remaining pictures are from Halloween evening.  This is Blake and I before the Trick-Or-Treaters arrived.

At this point we had not tried any of the candy and were going through some serious sugar withdrawals.

And the cutest trick-or-treater award goes tooooo... LEO as SPIDY! SO cute!

How adorable are Kelli and Leo?  He was pretending to throw his web at us! Ha!! 

Blake handing out candy to the kiddos.

This was on Pinterest (via Moxies Pet Service.) I couldn't resist as it reminds me of our kitty, Bella.  

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!!  

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