Saturday, January 14, 2012

oil and gas.

Like I have said in the past....poor Meredith. I’m a man that finds many things interesting. Combine this with me being excessively observant and I become down right annoying on road trips. Just like my Grandfather, I can repeat stories with the best of them. To top it off, I can’t even finish talking about one thing I see before interrupting myself about the next. Luckily, for my sweet wife, she is usually asleep while I talk to myself on these car rides.

A perfect example was our drive to Austin for this past Christmas. Every time we drive down I-10 past Brookshire, Texas, I talk about all of the oil wells on the side of the road. She makes sure to remind me each time that I have already told her all about them….I still feel the need to talk about them every. single. time. . Living in Houston, it is hard not to hear about the energy industry. Me being the inquisitive type, I have decided to make learning about it my newest hobby. From investing in energy stocks, to listening to company conference calls, observing monthly drill rig status reports, monitoring the price of crude and natural gas prices daily…the list goes on and on. Back to those oil wells. On the drive back to Houston, we decided to stop and snap some pictures. The pumpjacks pictured are located in the Eagle Ford Shale area near Brookshire, and are made by Lufkin Industries. Pumpjacks are used when the pressure of the oil reservoir below becomes too low to push the oil to the surface by itself. Enjoy the pics!

Dino, one of my roadside attractions

wellhead valves, aka "Christmas Tree"

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