Monday, January 18, 2016

new york city trip 2015, day 4.

Ugh, Sunday is already here and we must leave NYC. Luckily we scheduled a late flight allowing us to see just a little more of the city before heading back to Houston. On the agenda today was more walking, eating, and sightseeing. We went to a nearby (8th and W 53rd) bagel shop called Pick-A-Bagel to get a quick breakfast before heading down to Chelsea to check out the High Line. On the way there, we chose a roundabout way to walk through some of the Easter Parade. Do not let the parade part of the name fool you. Maybe I read a little too much about the popularity of this event in the past, because we were a bit disappointed. It was basically 5th Avenue closed to traffic and flooded with people walking around. The only attractions were several groups of people dressed up for the occasion. There were some dressed up in period clothing, fancy hats, and all the way to extremely elaborate costumes. This might have been more enjoyable if it wasn’t for the snail’s pace crawl involving many selfie sticks, and other oblivious picture takers. We managed to grab a few pics when the movement was halted.

After about 3 miles on foot, we arrived at the High Line. I was really excited to get there after having read about all of the panning and effort involved to make the project a reality. What a great asset for the residents and another attraction for tourists. It’s such a unique experience which offers a different perspective to view some of the city. After descending back down to street level, we did a little more shopping. One store worth a note was called Story. This store is unlike any I have visited, and I wish I could be around to watch the concept. Every 4-8 weeks the store reinvents itself to bring a new look and merchandise. I definitely suggest popping in to see what they are about during your visit, and I would love to see something like it in Houston. 

Frank Gehry's IAC building in the background

This is how we feel about NYC!
This is how we feel about leaving NYC...

What do you know…it is time to eat again. Sadly, this is our last stop before heading back home. Mere chose The Park, as it checked off our two most important boxes (atmosphere, and tasty sounding food). This restaurant had such an amazing vibe. The main dining area was a whimsical greenhouse, or some sort of atrium in a trippy dream. As I frequently half joke with Meredith, “This is how I want our next house to look like”. I had a stack of the vanilla buttermilk pancakes with berry butter which I would have married if I wasn’t already taken. I wish this place wasn’t so far away, because there were just too many things I wanted to try. And with that, we packed up at the hotel and hit the air back to Houston. It was one of our favorite trips, and something tells me we will go back soon. Thank you NYC for an amazing adventure!

The Garden room inside The Park

The Main room

See you later NYC!


keoni said...

Thank for sharing your NY experience Blake. I will definitely try out the places you mentioned for my visit to NY this July 2016. I was trying to find the link to the blos of your day 1-3. Would love to read those too. Thanks in advance. John Alvar "fellow Oak Forest"

Anonymous said...

You should do more personal finance posts.