Wednesday, August 5, 2015

dave ramsey giveaway.

Most everyone knows my stance on pursuing financial freedom, so I want to do a little giveaway for those that have put up with my posts. I am not religious, but I do believe that the steps Dave Ramsey lays out can help most people in conquering their personal finances. If someone is willing to truly put effort into reading this material, I would be happy to purchase it and have it shipped right to you. If you give me sporadic updates on how it is working (good or bad) in your own life, that would be a bonus to me. There is no catch other than putting in some effort to give it a chance. First person to respond gets it. The E books will get released one per week until the Total Money Makeover book ships. Since I am buying it for you, I will just have to forward the download links when they show up in my email. Oh and one other catch, you have to live in the US, because I do not want to pay international shipping, hahah.

What you get:
1. Total Money Makeover Book (ships on 9/14)
2. Every Dollar Plus - 3 month premium trial (I use Mint, but have not checked his site out)
3.Smart Money Smart Kids E Book
4. The Legacy Journey E Book
5. DR's Complete Guide to Money E Book
6. And some streaming video stuff

If you want to skip my obligation and purchase it yourself:

You can read one of my in depth financial posts here, mainly for newlyweds:  

Steps Mere and I try to live by:


Chelsea McCarty said...

Love Dave Ramsey!

Paige Cannon said...

OMG pick me!!! I'm so fiscally irresponsible it hurts!

Blake said...

Chelsea, Please leave an email contact if you would like the set. If not, it will go to Paige. Thanks!

The Joiners said...

Blake- Chelsea is actually my co-worker! Her e-mail address is