Friday, May 9, 2014

life lately according to mere's iphone.

Since we went several months without updating the blog (before the belated vacation post on 3/2,) I felt it was only appropriate to update you in iPhone/Instragram pictures through another “life lately according to mere’s iPhone” post.  I’ll start back in September of 2013.

These chairs (and table) belonged to Blake's grandparents.  Last year we recovered them with this fun fabric and, clearly, the kitties approve.

Blake and I had a serious Breaking Bad addiction, but, then again, who didn't? Still having withdrawls..

Little minions.

At the Texans game!! They lost (of course, considering it was last season haha) but we still had a great time!


Thing 1 & Thing 2 

A blue wig for work costume as well-- apparently a blue wig kind of Halloween! 

Blake and I were "real original" with our Halloween costumes for a neighborhood party. Ha! 

Team Purple.

Team Orange.

Team Leopard.

Arrow necklace twinkies.

Some of our favorite Christmas guys.

I'm absolutely obsessed with the book series (not for the reasons you would assume! ha!) Cannot wait for the movie to come out next year! 

Blake and I before my company's holiday party.

Christmas kitty, Bella.

Cott & Elissa's annual Christmas Bingo party. SO fun!

Meet "Cherry"-my new car. 

I WON the Fantasy Football Championship.  Go Killer Kittens! Rawr. 

My parents gave me these boots for Christmas and I haven't stopped wearing them since.

Eye shadow pallet in the making.

Brew tour with three of my favorite guys!

A new tradition is born with Elissa and Kristi.  

He's just so dang cute!

The BEST Quest bar flavor, in my opinion. I'm hooked and have one almost every day.

Adore my niece and nephew.

Georgia and I doing what we do best.

Gorgeous day at the Houston  Kite Festival!

Shooting range date.

Adorable Easter traditions.

Look at that smile!

New hair stylist did a great job with cut and color.

Blake and Chase at Liam's birthday party! Boys will be boys :)

Libation of choice: Moscow Mule. Delicious!


Been very focused on healthy meals/snacks.

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers to May!


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Anonymous said...

Wonderful blog Mere. You & Blake could b models if u were looking for a second career! Love, Carolyn