Sunday, April 22, 2012

we're in miami, trick.

Blake and I booked a cruise that left out of Miami.  Since my sister, Natalie, and her boyfriend, Chris, live in Orlando (not for long woohoo! they are about to move back to Texas!) we wanted to meet up with them before we left.  The four of us stayed at  Hotel Urbano (suggested by my Mother-In-Law, Jennie--props to her!) and had an absolute blast!  A special thanks to these two cuties for their hospitality.

How cute are these little guys?

The four of us hung out here before we went out and after we got back that night.  Such a fun poolside spot!

We got to see Dash (the Kardashian's Miami store.)  Nothing too crazy but fun to stand there and know that's where the show was filmed.  

Thanks, Nat and Chris, for such a wonderful time. We love you both and cannot wait to live in the same state again! xoxo

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